Peter vanDerLinden made his journey to Breckenridge in 1994 to pursue his passion for mountain biking, after growing up in Holland and then in Connecticut where he finished his education. This eventually lead him into racing on the local and national circuit levels, progressing to the semi pro rankings. His hunger for competition, sportsmanship, camaraderie found along the way, has come from his relentless pursuit to achieve excellence in everything he does.

Along with his love for the great outdoors here, and being a local, biking expert; Peter’s work experience offered him the opportunities to build a working knowledge of various professions and industries. Along with his recognition as an authority at the local bike and ski shops along the way, his most recent profession has been as a lead property manager for Great Western Lodging Company, formerly owned and operated by one of Peter’s dear friends. This has recently led him to the easy transition into the real estate industry as a real estate broker.

His experience in the property management business allowed him to gain a high level of skills including, but not limited to: sales, marketing, maintenance, client relationships, as well as the vast connections developed through the local trades in Summit County. He learned the dynamics of governing entities from HOA boards to the town regulations within Breckenridge in particular and the immediate surrounding areas. He also gained the vast knowledge of all the properties here, with their layout within Breckenridge. His hard work and conscientious attention to detail was highly appreciated and noticed by his clients and customers, along with the the company owners.

Peter brings this vast knowledge and experience into the real estate profession. “Home is where the heart is”, says Peter and considers Breckenridge his long time and future home. His “people person” personality and enjoyment of sharing his knowledge of all of Summit County (including biking) with all, makes him a real estate broker you will want to call your own for many upcoming years!

Please reach out to Peter with any of your real estate needs.


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