A Company Introduction

We are so excited about launching our new and improved website including this new blog page. Having introduced ourselves already in our “about” page we thought it would be fun and informative for us each to share some of the nuances, tidbits of purchasing, owning and selling a property here. There are already a number of resources with daily calendars showing all of our fun activities and events for all ages each new season here, but our goal is to provide interesting information that you MAY not read elsewhere…..the inside, scoop from the local perspective!

Over the past few years the word “Luxury” for branding a real estate company here has become somewhat overused. I have found, often times, it is used by a real estate broker who is not only new to the area but new to the real estate business. This was the reason, I wanted my first blog to explain why I came up with the name for my company “Luxury Mountain Lifestyles” almost 12 years ago; after over 25+ years of working with other, larger firms in the area.

What is Luxury Real Estate?

“Luxury” (“the state of great comfort and extravagant living”) is not just about the price of a property! It is being able to live the true Colorado mountain resort lifestyle that sometimes has only been a dream for so long. Just a few years back a $1+ million property was considered “luxury”; now a $1 million single family home is almost our “entry” level property.   

So, “luxury” should be defined, not by the price you pay, as much of the quality and enjoyment  of your lifestyle! It has been just as rewarding helping get our first time homebuyers into their first home as it has been in finding that  perfect “off the grid” unique home for our customers in the higher end price range. It has been especially rewarding to see many of my clients sell at a tremendous financial gain after having purchased wisely years before!

I often have to prepare my Sellers that selling their place here can be difficult emotionally, as it means saying goodbye (they tell us)  to some of the best years of their lives: those special vacation times year after year with family and friends…having lived the mountain, luxury lifestyle!  Building those memories that last a life time, for those of us who know it and live it here, are really……priceless!

We also want to keep our clients (whether full time or part time) informed on some of the latest changes in the real estate market. Having sat through hours of government meetings recently  on the upcoming changes in our short term rental requirements this fall, we realize how important it is to hear all sides of an argument and there is often much more to know than what one reads in the newspaper or hears through the “grapevine”!

A Resource To Make Informed Real Estate Decisions

My motto in real estate has always been (after over 40 years): that a good real estate broker  doesn’t  just “sell” real estate but is licensed “to protect the public” and should be a tremendous resource for providing customers and clients with the most accurate and updated information as possible so that they can make an informed decision on the purchase or selling of their property here. It takes YEARS of experience to provide this!  In an ever changing area and industry, it is imperative to know what you read (and hear) is accurate.

A Unique Team Approach

Our company works together as a TEAM of individuals, each their own unique experiences and areas of expertise to make all this happen for you. One real estate broker can NOT do it all! We welcome the opportunity to talk with you, answer YOUR questions and work with you on reaching your real estate goals here and then, of course, welcome you to the elite, Luxury Mountain Lifestyles family here in Summit County!

Published by Nancy Lindblade

I am your Summit County Real Estate Expert with years of successful closings in the Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Dillon, Frisco, Keystone, Silverthorne and Wildernest areas. Let my well rounded real estate experience work for you, whether selling or buying a property here in Summit County.

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