Biking in Summit County

Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking

One of the aspects that makes Summit County so unique, is how it offers all types of cycling from your doorstep. Whether it is road cycling on one of the many paved recreational paths, or mountain biking through its world class trail systems, Summit County offers a bit of everything for everyone.

Mountain Biking

Originally, I moved to Colorado to pursue my dream of becoming a professional mountain biker. Making Breckenridge my home-base, I traveled the country racing National events as well as traveling Colorado racing local series events. I came out making a lot of life-long friends and learning a lot of what to do/what not to do. Although I never became a professionally “paid” mountain biker, it was the lifestyle I chose to pursue. These experiences have enriched my life to where I am today.

Mountain Biking Tips:

  • Check your tire pressure
  • Lube your chain (but not excessively)
  • Bring enough water
  • Pack some snacks
  • Dress appropriately for various weather conditions
  • Pack a few first aide items
  • Know your route and your outs (just in case you are not feeling the entire ride or for emergencies).

Road Cycling in Summit

Once upon a time I lived in Frisco off of Bill’s Ranch Rd which is located a block from the bike path….it would have been early 2000s as Frisco was still a sleepy town. I was doing a lot of road cycling at the time and would ride from my doorstep up Vail Pass almost daily every morning. Then, I would ride my bike to work which was in Silverthorne. Both these rides were made easier and possible due to the fabulous, paved recreational path system. I also didn’t have to deal with cars that much which made the ride enjoyable.

Road Biking Tips:

  • All the same as for mountain biking

Although it was mentioned above on dressing appropriately for the weather conditions, you should educate yourself on the conditions of where you’re riding. An example of this would be that the Ten Mile Canyon from Frisco to Copper can be chilly in the mornings because the sun won’t warm that ride up until the afternoon. Another example would be that Loveland Pass is a battering of sun with no shade along the ride.

There are many great rides in Summit County. Do you want to live in a community like this that can offer these qualities of life and its challenges? Please contact me if you have questions on any type of cycling or want to find real estate catered to your riding style.

Published by Tessa Lindblade

Tessa is a Summit County Native, and entered the real estate profession in 2015, and with a good “eye for the details,” has been working alongside her mom, Nancy for the extensive training needed while adding to the multi-dimensional services that a “team” approach offers. She is your next, younger generation real estate broker… here to stay and being 100% personally invested in her real estate career and the successful future of Summit County.

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