Selling Your Property

Seeing a lot of “What is Your Property Worth” these days?

We would be happy to explain the answers to this question in much more detail with you and to prepare you for the entire selling process along with a FREE Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) of your property.

The importance of an accurate CMA.

We are seeing a record number of properties coming “back on the market” over the past year after going “pending” or “under contract” quickly. Fall outs on a purchasing contract can be exasperating for a Seller, but there can be various scenarios involved that we can help prevent.

What to look out for on obtaining a CMA.

Be careful of instant evaluations of your property, whether from a 3rd party website or various brokerages offering this! The careful and strategic pricing of your property is a key component in keeping you at the top of the negotiations and making sure your property is being marketed and sold at its best and ends up at the closing table!

Some advantages of working with experienced brokers.

We know the market and the comparable properties well (having actually been inside what comes on the market and then sells). Knowing the history of an area and complex is imperative due to variations involved. There may be a number of nuances of a property that can differ in a different location of a same complex from the current restrictions in place that can affect property value (rental and parking restrictions). There are numerous other considerations such as: views, the location to transportation, the number of stairs up to and in the property, and the pet restrictions. All of these not only help you set the right price but navigate you through the entire contract and “due diligence” process for a successful closing.

We want to help you in preparing your home for sale and showing its best!

We off high quality photography for that necessary online presence and know which publications to utilize! We also help the necessary, qualified, local contractors involved to get your property prepared to sell and meet the requirements of the sale to prevent Buyers mentally deducting in price for more than necessary to make these repairs/preparations.

What the goal is in selling your property.

We endeavor to put more money back in YOUR pocket and will work with you on this. As a smaller company, we save a huge amount of of the unnecessary overhead expenses absorbed by larger firms. We endeavor in getting the best offer/most qualified Buyers for you and supplying you with the most accurate information as a Seller.

Published by Tessa Lindblade

Tessa is a Summit County Native, and entered the real estate profession in 2015, and with a good “eye for the details,” has been working alongside her mom, Nancy for the extensive training needed while adding to the multi-dimensional services that a “team” approach offers. She is your next, younger generation real estate broker… here to stay and being 100% personally invested in her real estate career and the successful future of Summit County.

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